Ministry of Industry and Information Technology approved the release of 179 communications industry standards

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued an announcement approving the release of 179 communication industry standards, including YD / T 2441-2013 "Internet Data Center Technology and Classification Standards."

The 179 communication industry standards released this time involve IDC, IPv6, next-generation Internet, mobile Internet, optical communications, Internet of Things, WCDMA enhanced, TD SCDMA enhanced, cdma2000 HRPD and many other fields, which meet the requirements of industrial development and industry supervision. urgent need.

With the rise of cloud computing, data centers are developing rapidly. The 179 communication industry standards include a total of 4 IDC-related standards, including: YD / T 2542-2013 "General Technical Requirements for Telecom Internet Data Center (IDC)" and YD / T 2543-2013 "Telecommunication Internet Data Center (IDC) Energy Consumption Measurement Method, YD / T 2441-2013 "Internet Data Center Technology and Classification Classification Standard", YD / T 2442-2013 "Internet Data Center Resource Occupation, Energy Efficiency and Emissions Technical Requirements and Evaluation Methods".

Recently, 13.56MHz technology led by UnionPay has become the mainstream of mobile payment, and mobile payment applications based on 13.56MHz have become a hot spot. Among the 179 communication industry standards released this time, there are 6 mobile payment industry standards, 4 of which are for mobile terminals based on 13.56MHz near field communication technology, smart cards and built-in security modules, contactless point-of-sale terminals, contactless The RF interface and other aspects are stipulated. The six mobile payment standards have been implemented since the date of publication.

Comment: Up to 179 communications industry standards are released at a time, which explains at least two issues. First, the current communication technology and equipment innovation is very fast, and the corresponding demand for standards is also very strong. To develop industrial standards first, a new technology and new equipment must be applied on a large scale and produced on a large scale without a unified technical standard. The second is that China's relevant standard-setting institutions can quickly follow up the development of the industry and quickly follow up, promulgating nearly 200 technical standards at a time, which meets the urgent needs of the market. In the standards announced this time, we can also see which technologies are the most popular, such as data centers and mobile payments.

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