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At present, its related audio processing technology is widely used in high-end smart phones, and even Microsoft Kinect has Audience applying its technology. This time, it also gave a small technical application explanation during Computex 2013, revealing that it will respond to the "two in one" The rise of devices will focus heavily on the PC and even hybrid device product application markets.

Bart DeCanne, Vice President of Marketing at Audience

The use of auditory science and technology allows people to hear more clearly

Audience itself is a manufacturer of DSP audio chip solutions. The main technology focuses on mimicking the environmental sounds heard by the human ear through auditory neuroscience technology. At the same time, it can filter out noise reduction for environmental noise and improve the natural voice. Presentation, for example, to reduce the background sound of the video conference, and then make the sound part clean and easy to recognize. Other applications are applied to applications such as voice commands and search on smart phones. There is no need to increase the volume deliberately to be successfully recognized by the device.

And this time mainly because the hybrid device market is getting wider and wider recently, and Intel also emphasized the concept of "two in one" in Computex 2013, so Audience believes that voice applications can widely integrate voice in these hybrid products. Input, video application and other functions. With the current development, Audience has deep cooperation with Quanta and Dell. At the same time, related products are also used in Samsung Galaxy S 4, LG OpTImus G Pro, and Chinese millet mobile phones. In the future, it will also cooperate with more manufacturers. And is quite optimistic about the future development of voice applications in the device market.

At present, there are more than 150 cooperative hardware devices in the market, and there are currently more than 300 million chips shipped worldwide.

The smaller one on the left is the Audience DSP audio chip

"Listen clearly", "Understand", "Experience yourself"

According to Bart DeCanne, Audience ’s vice president of marketing, Audience ’s current technologies mainly include “hear clearly”, “understand”, and “experience the environment”, respectively, which can reduce background noise and make the voice part more clear. Or, through single or multi-directional processing technology, it can capture the sound source from a specific direction, and complete the background noise reduction and removal actions.

With the help of clear voice separation, it can also be used to enable the device to clearly recognize and convert voice content through software or networking, and then be used in network data search, text input or simple voice operation instructions.

As for the speech recognition part, Audience technology can correspond to a long distance of up to 4 meters and a short distance of about normal use of laptops. It can be used for multi-directional recording of office video applications and when it is actually handed over to the software side for calculation Noise reduction will be performed, so the data will be applied with clean audio content. As for the specification of the number of microphones, Audience currently supports up to three groups of microphones, and the actual audio quality will naturally vary based on the number of microphones and related recording software algorithms.

In addition, the noise reduction part is also related to the number of microphones and the actual algorithm application. Generally speaking, the environmental noise in the office or ordinary life can be almost smoothly reduced, but there is dynamic environmental noise like a large concert, which may not be So easy to achieve noise reduction effect. However, with the evolution of noise reduction technology, it may be possible to improve the noise reduction effect later.

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