Video surveillance into integrated core platform compatibility is the focus

It is understood that the largest share of rail transit security systems is the video surveillance system, which accounts for more than 80% of the security system, and each station has a volume of more than 1 million yuan. The Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security / Shanghai International Technology and Trade Union Co., Ltd. He Wei introduced: "Video surveillance in the rail transit security system is the core part of the system integration. When bidding for construction units, video surveillance is also the most important. The volume is small. This shows that only by grasping the core technology of the video surveillance system to expand the integrated management platform can it have a strong competitiveness. "

In addition to video surveillance, the security system of rail transit also has access control, electronic fence and emergency warning systems. It is reported that at present, each rail transit line has its own independent control center, and each line is operated and managed separately. With the development of urban subways, a unified dispatch and control center is needed to coordinate the operation and management of the entire subway transportation network. Through the integrated management platform, the integration of various subsystems on a unified operating platform for management can not only strengthen the operating efficiency of the system, but also better coordinate the various subsystems to maximize the use of their joint actions.

Stripping out the inside of the integrated management platform, the subway video surveillance system also needs a unified network video management platform, which can realize the unified management of the video surveillance system of each line. After the subway video surveillance system is digitized and networked, the performance of the video management platform determines the operating capability and implementation effect of the entire system. Therefore, a complete, stable and reliable management platform is essential for the entire system. "At the same time, since each line is monitored separately, there is a problem of inconsistent brands of monitoring equipment, inconsistent codec formats, and incompatible platforms. Therefore, it is necessary to establish an open interface that supports multiple encoding formats and has good compatibility. Video management platform. "Zhang Feifei added.

Focusing on platform compatibility and video surveillance as the core of system integration, it integrates the important information required for intelligent monitoring and management into a comprehensive information database necessary for the operation and management of subway stations, and provides it to staff for management. The integration and linkage of security subsystems such as monitoring, alarming, and access control can help security personnel handle all kinds of emergency events more intuitively and efficiently, thereby effectively improving the comprehensive defense capabilities of the backup security subsystem.

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