Hong Zhongxuan: Hotel lighting design to play amazing (Figure)

Hong Zhongxuan: Hotel lighting design to play amazing

Do hotel design, pay attention to a systematic process

[Hong Zhongxuan, who likes to design a hotel, admits that the hotel design is more systematic, because there are more functional areas covered, and even from the beginning of planning, you can participate in design discussions, which can give him a lot of space to create. Especially for theme hotels or art hotels, he thinks that because of the strong artistic sense, it will be more convenient to do. 】

Reporter: Compared with other interior design, is the participation in hotel design more strong?

Hong Zhongxuan: Although the focus of interior designers is on indoor space, the ultimate goal of customers entering the hotel is to stay and enjoy. The purpose of the owner's construction of the hotel is also to occupy the market, so the market is served from the planning or construction level. So now many investors will consider it more comprehensively, and we need to participate in the early stage to design a full set of plans for them, which will gradually form a development trend.

Reporter: Will you be more involved in the positioning of the market?

Hong Zhongxuan: Yes, we will work with the owners to make a very clear positioning of the hotel market. What will the hotel look like in the future? How is the market? Such hotel design is a whole and systematic.

Reporter: In the process of designing, do you enjoy the process of grasping the market or create an infinite process?

Hong Zhongxuan: In the past, many of us have been designing already fixed, and there is very little room for us to play. If the appearance of the hotel is very ordinary, it will not have a good brand effect. At the very least, the appearance is good, and everyone will gradually recognize the interior.

In some hotel projects, although we are doing interior design, I have designed the exterior, including architectural lighting, because the appearance of the building is very important. I hope that people will drive over and see it at a glance. Star-rated hotel, if the appearance is very small, and the inside is doing well, I am not willing to stay, here is the systematic system of quality.

Reporter: You really treasure your work as your own child.

Hong Zhongxuan: (laughs) more pursuit of perfection. From jewelry to lighting systems, lighting effects, color, etc., think about it and provide a complete idea for the owner. This is a systematic thing, so we don't pick up too many orders each year, and we have the feeling that we are willing to do it.

Play hotel design and play amazing colors

[Hong Zhongxuan has always said that he is playing design. The design of the hotel he played with can often achieve new colors, constantly break through the previous concepts, present a lot of amazing colors, and lead the trend of the market. 】

Reporter: In the case of playing art, which one do you think is your best work?

Hong Zhongxuan: If you want to say one thing, I think the Lushan Hotel is a relatively complete design in recent years (Editor's note: The design of Lushan Hotel won the Gold Award for Hotel Design at the Shenzhen Asia-Pacific Biennale in the past few days). Both the building and the interior are complete, at least in the domestic hotel industry, it is not the same type of hotel, because it has a breakthrough hotel framework, and may drive the development of certain hotel industries in the future. (laugh)

Reporter: Do you think it is like a T-stage, can lead a trend as a conceptual breakthrough?

Hong Zhongxuan: A little bit of this meaning and role in it. I feel that the value of the works created in this way is enormous and even intangible and extensible.

In fact, what we have to do is not only to lead the trend of the design, but to actually bring the guests to enjoy the stay, the cost is not high, environmental protection and energy saving. These should be the road to future development.

Reporter: What kind of trend do you think Lushan Hotel can bring?

Hong Zhongxuan: Simplicity is like the feeling of freshness and tranquility when the moonlight falls in the garden in the dead of night. The biggest feature of this hotel is lighting. Its lighting is very comprehensive, and there are a lot of light effects in it, which are basically not available in many hotels. Moreover, our project uses energy-saving treatment, and the application of LED lamps is very large, energy saving and environmental protection. What's more, the hotel uses a lot of colors of light, even cold light.

We designed this hotel to make people feel refreshed and happy, and to feel at home. As far as market repercussions are concerned, everyone feels that it is a surprise to see the design of the Lushan Hotel in China, and it will not be outdated very quickly. The commercial effect is strong and lasting. This is a place that makes me happy.

Cute designer, lucky journey

[Hong Zhongxuan used his own play to present the design of his unique Hong Zhongxuan logo to everyone, and he had to be eye-catching. He smiled and said: The investor is very fond of my design. Is there any way? When he said this, he was cute and proud. 】

Reporter: Your university started to learn design. After graduation, you won the award in a few years. Now you have won so many awards. Do you think you are a talented person, or are you very diligent?

Hong Zhongxuan: I am only lucky, I have more chances to encounter, and my efforts are not in vain.

Over the years, various climates such as the city's taste policy have provided good environmental conditions for design, and many investors who cooperate with us are very emotional and willing to let us do it. This is our opportunity, so we are very lucky. Many people have seen our works, they are exclaimed: How come you are so lucky, encounter such a discouraged investor!

Under normal circumstances, we will understand the needs of investors before we do a project, and we want to make a design in the future, so that when investors come to the door, the ideas we express will be in line with the ideas of investors. It is easy to talk about, and it is easy for both parties to reach an agreement, so the project will be much smoother.

Reporter: Is there a feeling of hitting it off?

Hong Zhongxuan: (laughs) We fell in love at first sight. The Lushan Hotel is the result of love at first sight.

We do design, not after the project comes, we will think about how to do it, but there are projects to talk about, some of us have already thought about it early, so that customers will appear, we will be more likely to grasp the opportunity, feeling love at first sight.

Reporter: Do you think that you are forward-looking in grasping the market?

Hong Zhongxuan: People have commonalities. There is consensus when grasping the development trend of things. Every year, new trends are released, and we all need to analyze the entire consumption structure in combination with the entire economic state, and understand the needs of the market.

Reporter: But how do you grasp the needs and trends?

Hong Zhongxuan: Designers are on the front line. We often discuss the future development trend of the market with investors, analyze the public's ideas, and learn from each other in these conversations. Moreover, we are also consumers, we can rise and fall and constantly change roles to understand the needs of people at all levels of life. Moreover, we will also do a thick research and analysis report, from the survey results, we will find out the commonality of many consumption.

When we do the project, we must make a clear statement: What is the purpose of the project? After the purpose is clarified, no matter what method is used to build the project, it is good to achieve the market purpose.

Hong Zhongxuan

●2008 Asia Pacific Outstanding Design Award, Hotel Space Design Gold Award

●The national leader of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games commercial display image system

●2007INTERIORDESIGN China Hotel Design Masters Best Concept Design Award

●In 2005, he was invited to host a exhibition in Boston, USA, which was a great success.

●2004-2006 China International Hotel Industry Expo Best Hotel Industry Designer

● 2003 China's only China's best interior designer honorary award

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