Linear Technology Introduces 32-Channel 30mA Step-Down LED Driver

Linear Technology Corporation has introduced a new LT3746 32-channel LED driver for applications such as large LED billboards.

The driver integrates a 55V step-down controller that can drive up to 30mA of LED current per channel and can drive up to 13V LED strings.

Each channel has a separate 6-bit correction current adjustment and 12-bit grayscale PWM dimming capability. Combined with a minimum LED on-time of 0.5μs, the LT3746 offers a very wide dynamic contrast ratio. Point correction and grayscale dimming can be performed through a serial interface in TTL/CMOS logic.

The driver's input voltage range is 6V to 55V, making it ideal for 12V to 48V input supply voltage ranges common in commercial and industrial designs. The combination of a minimum of external components and a 5mm x 9mm QFN package provides a highly compact footprint for multi-channel LED applications.

The LT3746's internal step-down controller produces an adaptive bus voltage slightly higher than the parallel LED string to provide over 90% efficiency. 32 separate linear current sinks are used to regulate and modulate the current of individual LED strings, providing a number of features in a compact footprint solution.

The LT3746 provides comprehensive diagnostics and protection against LED open/short and overtemperature faults and returns fault status via the serial data interface. The 30MHz full buffer, slew rate balanced, cascadable serial data interface makes the LT3746 ideal for dynamic back lighting of large screen LCDs as well as full color LED displays.

The LT3746EUHH is available in a 56-lead 5mm x 9mm QFN package and is priced at $4.95 each in 1,000-piece quantities. The Extended Temperature Grade or Tier 1 version of the LT3746IUHH is also available in 1,000-piece quantities for $5.45 each. All products are available now.

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