Practical cold and warm electric auxiliary Changhong 1.5 air conditioning only 2230 yuan

There are also many users who use air conditioners for heating in winter. Today, I introduce a good air conditioner with good cost performance. This Changhong KFR-35GW/DHR (W1-H) air conditioner has 1.5 horsepower, which can meet the temperature adjustment of about 20 square meters. At the same time, it has the heating and cooling power supply. The current price is 2,230 yuan. Let's take a closer look. The heat exchange contact area of ​​the C-shaped evaporator is larger than that of the ordinary air conditioner and the interface between the warps is reduced, the air flow is unobstructed, the noise is lower, and the use is quieter.

Product Brand:SnCu0.7.SnCu0.3.SnCu3.SnAg0.5Cu0.5.SnAg3Cu.SnAg4Cu.Sn Cu1Ag.

                        SnCu4Ag1.Sn Cu6Ag2.Sn Sb5

The drafter of lead free solder national standards of GB/T20422-2006.

The drafter of soft solder test method national standards of GB/T28770-2012.

The drafter of lead free solder-chemical composition and type industry standards of SJ001-2007.

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