Nanning Bridge lighting design theme: Silver Butterfly flapping

It was learned from the Nanning Planning Bureau that the beauty program for the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the two autonomous regions was completed. During the Daqing period, Nanning citizens will appreciate two different landscape projects. According to reports, these two programs are the Nanning City boutique line comprehensive improvement project (greening project) program design and Nanning Bridge night view and bridge landscape design plan, has been approved.

According to reports, the Nanning Bridge, which is currently undergoing bridge deck steel beam hoisting and bridge deck erection work, is one of the key projects in Daqing to welcome the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region. In terms of structural design, the Nanning Bridge is the world's first largest span asymmetric rib arch bridge. Both sides of the north and south are clover-shaped interchanges. The two sides of the bridge are arc-shaped arches, which are inclined at different inclination angles. Connected. After the completion, the Nanning Bridge is viewed from the outside, much like a beautiful butterfly that spreads its wings. The positioning of the Nanning Bridge landscape night illumination will focus on the theme of the silver butterfly flapping the wings. The night view of the bridge uses a single-color light source.

As the boutique route of Nanning, Baisha Avenue is also quite innovative in landscape design. According to the Nanning City Comprehensive Line Comprehensive Improvement Project (Greening Project), the concept of green will run through it. From the Zhuangjin Interchange to the Friendship Road section, there is a green wave. From the Friendship Road to the Xingguang Avenue section, it is a condensed color, and then the Tingjiang section is a coconut windmill. To the Baisha Bridge, it was converted into a flying red fragrance. The design of the program is hierarchical, and the color of the plant is reasonably matched, taking into account the sensory adaptability of the citizens.

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