The world's largest LED canopy Suzhou stretches 500 meters (Photos)

The world's largest LED canopy Jinji Lake East Yuanrong Times Square is about to be installed, and the workers began to test the lights in sections. After all the installations are completed, people can look up and see the scenery stretching for 500 meters.

This day's curtain is covered with a membrane structure like a water cube, with new LED strips, strips, spotlights, etc., like a sinuous satin, dazzling Changhong, flying over the Times Square. When the test light is on, the screen flashes the colorful flowers and trees, beautiful women and other landscapes, which opens the dream of the city's dreamlike nightlife.

The construction unit Yuanrong Group introduced that the sky is 500 meters long, 32 meters wide and 21 meters high. It traverses two large plots of N5 and N6. At present, the N5 section has been lit, and the N6 section is still installed. It is expected to be installed around the 10th, and will be lighted up at the beginning of January next year.

Previously, the largest LED sky screen in China was the Tianshi Canopy of Beijing World Trade Center. It was 250 meters long and 30 meters wide. The world's largest LED canopy is the Las Vegas canopy, 400 meters long and 25 meters wide. (Photo from People's Daily Online)

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