Arc welding aluminum plate welding image acquisition and playback

Background demand

The inert gas shielded welding (TIG or MIG) method is the most widely used welding method for aluminum and aluminum alloys. Aluminium and aluminum alloy sheets can be tungsten arc argon arc welding or tungsten electrode argon arc welding. Aluminium and aluminum alloy thick plates can be tungsten arc xenon arc welding, argon xenon hybrid tungsten gas shielded gas welding, gas metal arc welding, pulsed gas metal arc welding. Gas metal arc welding and pulsed gas metal arc welding are more and more widely used. Aluminum welding is mainly used in building materials such as aluminum alloy doors and windows, and has also been widely used in the automotive, shipbuilding and aircraft manufacturing industries.

In the aluminum plate welding industry research, real-time and intuitive observation is performed on the image of the transition process of the welding droplets and the shape of the molten pool, and the control of the working stability of the welding machine is obtained, the weld forming consistency is improved, and the molten pool is obtained. The real-time monitoring and fine-grained control of the geometric dimensions require the application of machine vision technology and image processing technology.

Hunan Ketianjian developed the “AcutEye welding current and voltage acquisition system” for this demand.


Adopt Switzerland Photonfocus high dynamic range CMOS high-speed industrial camera, dynamic range up to 120dB, under the Linlog function can effectively inhibit strong plasma interference, in the welder voltage, current can be shot directly with the camera, without the need for optical assistance system to get the contrast Better images, with the aid of optical aids, can produce high-definition, clear-cut images. As shown in Figure 1, they are the arc welding instant image, aluminum plate welding pool and welding wire image respectively:

Fig.1 Image of arc welding arc welding instant, aluminum plate welding pool and welding wire

The camera used in this application division is the Photonfocus MV-D1024E-160, which uses Photonfocus's LINLOG technology, with a dynamic range of up to 120dB; at full-resolution 1024*1024 resolution, up to 150 frames per second; window resolution At 256*256, the frame rate reaches 2241 frames per second. Figure 2 shows the Photonfocus MV-D1024E-160 camera:

Figure 2: MV-D1024E-160

Hunan KeTianJian Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. adopts self-developed high-speed image storage system to achieve long-term storage of high-speed images: data transfer rate up to 650MB/s, storage time up to several hours, and storage data can be transferred to BMP image format Files, AVI video files, streaming files, etc., have functions like video recorder recording, playback, fast forward, rewind, etc., enabling real-time storage and playback of high-speed welding images.

Parameter introduction

The relevant parameters used in this application case are described as follows:

(1) Camera uses the MV-D1024E-160

(2) Opening the window 256*256

(3) Frame rate about 2400fps

(4) Add two filters

(5) plus background light

(6) Exposure time 10us

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