Five elements of purchasing healthy and environmentally friendly lamps in the golden autumn decoration season

The pace of development of modern homes is accelerating, and luminaires are no longer just tools for providing lighting. The lamps not only illuminate our home, but also the atmosphere, it can be said that the status of lamps in modern homes is very important. However, with the development of the home, it is increasingly difficult for consumers to purchase lamps. What are the principles to be aware of when purchasing lamps? The author will share with you below.
Safety first place
In home life, safe lighting is the first issue we must consider. Without security guarantees, other highlights cannot be an advantage for lighting fixtures. Therefore, safety should be a primary consideration for consumers, especially those with children at home.
The home environment is diverse and the requirements for lighting are not the same. To provide safe lighting, you must choose the right fixture for your home environment. Regardless of the environment, the luminaires should meet safety standards. In particular, toilets and kitchens have higher requirements for luminaires, so products with higher waterproof and dustproof grades should be selected.
If there are children in the home, the lamps should not be easily accessible. The lighting caused by the lamps is generally caused by the use of lamp holders or lamps that do not meet the requirements, and the protection of electric parts without cover. Art luminaires are best not to choose products with sharp parts to try to ensure that children are not at risk.
In general, the lamps of larger manufacturers will have relevant safety standards and will provide after-sales service. We choose a big brand with good reputation is an easy solution.
Convenient and advantageous
The luminaires in the home will inevitably need to be scrubbed or replaced after a long period of use, and the advantages of the lamps that are easy to clean and organize are reflected.
The use of the luminaire should be matched with the overall decoration of the home, and at the same time be combined with the area of ​​the room, the number of furniture and the corresponding size. For small living rooms of less than 12 square meters, ceiling lamps or wall lamps with a diameter of 200 mm or less should be used. The number and size of the lamps should be suitable to avoid overcrowding, which is also inconvenient in home life.
Energy saving and environmental protection
Now people's awareness of energy conservation is getting stronger and stronger. Energy-saving lamps not only reduce electricity bills for us, but also contribute to low-carbon environmental protection. It is also a wise move to choose energy-saving lamps.
An easy way to choose energy-saving luminaires is to look at the rated power of the luminaire. The unit of luminaire power is watts (W), and the wattage with lower total wattage is lower than the wattage with higher wattage. Some products have the word “section”, which indicates that the product has been approved by the winning center and is also the certification of the safety indicators of the lamps.
View power when selecting a product
Another point to note is that although the wattage of energy-saving lamps is low and the price is reasonable, there is mercury vapor in the energy-saving lamps, which is relatively polluting to the environment, so users with conditions can choose LED lamps for home use. Lighting, although the price is higher than other lamps, but the power is lower, the life is longer, and the environmental protection is also better.
Beautiful style
Beautifully designed, well-lit lamps can add luster to our home life, and the use of beautifully designed lamps is also a good way to beautify the home environment. There are many kinds of home lighting, consumers are also benevolent, different users have different preferences, the choice of style and color matching are different, whether it is chandeliers or ceiling lamps, we only need to choose the ones we like when choosing beautiful lamps. can.
The style of the luminaire should be chosen according to your actual needs and personal preferences. If you pay attention to the practicality of the lamp, you should choose a black or dark red ceiling-mounted ceiling or floor lamp. If you pay attention to the decoration and pursue the modern style, you can choose the lively lighting . If you are a fan that loves national characteristics, you can choose a sculpture floor lamp.
The color of the luminaire should be in harmony with the home's environmental decoration style. The layout of the room lighting must take into account the style of the interior furniture, the color of the wall, and the color of the household appliances. Otherwise, the lighting and the overall color of the living room are inconsistent, but it will be self-defeating. For example, if the color of the interior wallpaper is light, you should use a warm-colored incandescent lamp as the light source to create a bright and soft light environment.

Functional diversification
With the development of technology, the functions of lamps and lanterns also want to diversify, and intelligent lighting has begun to enter our family. Many fixtures offer a variety of features, some for entertainment and some for remote control.
When we choose lamps, we may get some extra functions when we add some money. This requires us to purchase on the basis of our own actual situation to make our life more fashionable and more comfortable.
Lamps are the crowning touch in our home life, and must not be negligent when purchasing. It is easy to see that although there are many different types of lamps, it is not difficult to choose a satisfactory lamp. The above five elements are the focus of the purchase of lamps, we should make reasonable use in the selection. If we match the modern home decoration, our home life will be even better.
One factor that many consumers consider when purchasing lamps is the brand. Good brand lighting is relatively good quality, and after-sales service is also very perfect, it should indeed become an important factor in the purchase of lamps. Below I will introduce the relatively large lighting brand.
Philips PHILIPS. Founded in 1894, the Philips lighting brand has a long history. It has become the 100 most valuable brands in the world. Although it has established the Netherlands, after years of hard work, it has also occupied an important position in the Chinese lighting market. China's well-known trademarks, world-renowned brands.
Larger lighting brand
Op OPPLE. Opal Lighting is an innovative and fast-growing company. Founded in August 1996, Op Lighting is a global lighting company integrating R&D, production and sales. It has more than 5,000 employees. The products cover the fields of home, commercial, electrician, light source, etc. The main products of energy-saving lamps, ceiling lamps, brackets, spotlights, LED lighting and other products have a leading position in the domestic market. At the same time, the company's own brand products Overseas performance is also quite gratifying.
NVC lighting. Huizhou NVC Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of lighting electrical and electrical devices. Located in NVC Industrial Park, Wuhu Town, Huizhou, Guangdong. With excellent product quality and excellent service spirit, it has won wide recognition and praise from customers. NVC has maintained its leading position in the domestic commercial lighting field. Its “NVC NVC Lighting” brand has become the leading brand in the domestic lighting industry. Over the years, NVC has won many awards such as "China Famous Brand", "National Exemption Product", "Guangdong Famous Brand" and "Guangdong Famous Brand Product".
Panasonic Panasonic. As one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers, Panasonic is committed to the business vision of “achieving a networked society” and “coexistence with the global environment”, from video and audio equipment to information and communication tools, from home appliances to components, in a wide range of fields. We are constantly providing you with high-tech and environmentally friendly products to make your life richer and more exciting. Panasonic always insists on creating customer value and bringing customers peace of mind, safety, comfort and convenience.
Foshan Lighting FSL. Foshan Electric Lighting Co., Ltd. (referred to as Foshan Lighting) is a state-owned enterprise established in 1958. The company mainly produces and operates various electric light source products and supporting lamps. The main products are ordinary bulbs, decorative bulbs, iodine tungsten lamps, bromine tungsten lamps, single-ended lamps, automobile lamps, motorcycle lamps, high-pressure mercury lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, T8 and T5 thin-tube high-efficiency energy-saving fluorescent lamps. Compact energy-saving fluorescent lamps and reflective bowls, as well as lamps and lanterns that are mainly used with T8 and T5 energy-saving lamps.
OSRAM OSRAM. The OSRAM OSRAM brand was founded in 1906 in Germany. China Osram Lighting Co., Ltd. is a brand of Germany Osram. OSRAM is currently one of the world's most innovative lighting companies and one of the world's two largest light source manufacturers.
Nipper NPU. Nippon NPU lamps are the first providers of lighting solutions in China and are international group companies with diversified industries. Changzhou Nippon Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. brand.
Sanxiong • Aurora. Established in 1991, Sanxiong Aurora has developed from the development of the first electronic rectifier to the full range of energy-efficient products; from traditional product manufacturers to service providers who provide total lighting solutions, Sanxiong • Aurora has been committed to building industry Leading brand. During the period, it developed four categories of indoor, outdoor, decorative lighting and electrician, including more than 2,000 varieties of lamps, light sources, electrical and electrical accessories. The company has now developed into a large-scale green energy-saving enterprise with multiple production bases (100 acres) and annual production capacity of tens of millions of products, and has become one of the most comprehensive competitive industrial brands in China.
Sunlight lighting. Zhejiang Sunshine Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975. Its predecessor was Shangyu Bulb Factory. In 1996, it was changed to a joint stock company. In July 2000, "Zhejiang Sunshine" A shares were listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the first domestic lighting industry. Private high-tech listed companies. Zhejiang Sunshine Group Co., Ltd. is a national key high-tech enterprise, a national large-scale enterprise, and one of China's major energy-saving lamp production and export bases. Zhejiang Sunshine Group has been listed as one of the country's 300 key enterprises and a large enterprise group supported by Zhejiang Province. The national contract-honoring and trust-keeping unit is the only enterprise that combines Chinese famous brands, Chinese well-known trademarks, Chinese export famous brands, and Chinese export exemption.
Huayi HY lighting. Founded in 1986, Zhongshan Huayi Lighting Co., Ltd. is the "China Lighting Capital" in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City. After more than 20 years of development, Huayi, which adheres to the "high quality" and "professional" routes, has always become a well-known comprehensive lighting brand in the industry. The company has 200,000 square meters of lighting and lighting industrial park, more than 20,000 square meters of the main store business exhibition hall and 26 production workshops. The strong R&D strength has ensured the continuous innovation of Huayi Lighting, and successfully built a system industry chain covering the research, development, production and sales of lamps, light sources and electrical appliances. Accurate market positioning has made Huayi's performance in recent years outstanding. It has completed more than 200 international and domestic five-star hotels, high-end communities, large-scale public buildings and municipal projects. In recent years, Huayi has won the honorary title of China's famous brand products, China's energy-saving lamp certification, and won the bid to subsidize the green energy conservation promotion project.
Of course, we can't be superstitious when buying lamps. The brand of lamps only provides relative guarantees for quality and after-sales. Other factors should also be considered. In addition, the sales of lighting products and the evaluation of consumers are also important when selecting lamps, and this should also be noted.

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