Samsung rejects OEM Facebook phone

Samsung rejects OEM Facebook phone Samsung CEO Shen Zong refused the cooperation request of Mark Zuckerberg, Samsung foundry Facebook mobile phone is hopeless, Facebook executives' visit to South Korea may not be successful.

Business Insider quoted the "Korean Herald" report, said Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is currently in South Korea and Samsung executives to discuss cooperation, negotiate content including the two companies for mobile device sales and whether it can Cooperative production of mobile phones based on Facebook Home. Samsung rejected the request for a foundry Facebook phone.

Facebook Home is a home screen change based on Facebook in the Android system, which is equivalent to the home page skin over the Android system. The user's Facebook friend avatar list will replace the traditional home screen wallpaper. After unlocking the screen, the user can directly enter the Facebook application interface by clicking on the corresponding icon.

Unfortunately, sales of Facebook Home phones are not ideal. According to the sources, the first and only HTC First smartphone that supports Facebook Home is selling poorly. There have been rumors that operator partner AT&T will stop selling HTC First mobile phones.

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