Zhouming Technology won the title of “Building Unit of National Key Laboratory of Semiconductor Lighting Joint Innovation”

Recently, Shenzhen Zhouming Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the “Construction Unit of the National Key Laboratory of Joint Innovation of Semiconductor Lighting.” This is the affirmation of Zhouming Technology's pursuit of lighting research and development, and also the independent innovation of Zhouming Technology in technology. Higher requirements.

The State Key Laboratory of Joint Innovation for Semiconductor Lighting relies on the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to integrate advantageous resources around the industrial chain and technology innovation chain, realize the integration of cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary whole industry chains, and establish a joint, open and sustainable system and mechanism innovation. The development of non-profit public technology research entities; under the new system and mechanism, strive to create a world-class semiconductor lighting "IMEC" with an international vision, and support China to become a semiconductor lighting industry power.

Zhouming Technology has always used innovation and R&D as the twin engines to advance the enterprise. Every year, a large amount of funds is invested in new product research and development and team development. Many experts in the industry have been successfully introduced. The major universities in the country have introduced professional high-end talents, keeping the team fresh blood and innovation, combined with international advanced production equipment. It has realized the full automation of production, and the talents and hardware facilities are on a par with each other. We are determined to build Shenzhen into an important R&D and production base for LED lighting products based on the Pearl River Delta, serving the whole country and radiating the whole country.

It is understood that Zhouming Technology has applied for 178 patents and 141 licenses. The application scope includes LED display products, R&D design and integrated systems for LED lighting products. And many products have passed the internationally renowned testing and certification of SGS, TUV, UL, etc. The various certifications and patents are the best interpretation of the comprehensive strength of Zhouming technology innovation and brand.

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