Qualcomm Ericsson Aran is accused of colluding with 4G standards to exclude rival technology

Beijing, August 22 morning news According to Reuters, TruePosiTIon, a subsidiary of Liberty Media Corp, a leading US-based media company, and a leading wireless positioning technology and solution provider, sued Ericsson (Weibo) and Qualcomm (Weibo) ), Alcatel-Lucent conspired to exclude the positioning technology of TruePosiTIon from 4G mobile phones that have already adopted this technology. Robert Jelly, a federal judge in Pennsylvania, took over the lawsuit of TruePosiTIon.

TruePosiTIon accuses Ericsson, Qualcomm and Alcatel-Lucent of manipulating 4G standards organizations to determine what technology can be set within the 4G LTE network. The positioning technology sold by TruePosition can help users locate the location of their mobile phones when dialing 911 for emergency help.

In June 2011, TruePosition filed this lawsuit, claiming that the three companies mentioned above violated federal antitrust laws, saying that the three companies conspired to prevent TruePosition ’s positioning technology from being adopted in 4G LTE technology, thereby obtaining their own positioning technology. Competitive Advantage.

In January of this year, Judge Kelly dismissed the earlier version of the lawsuit filed by TruePosition, but later took over the supplementary amendment lawsuit filed by TruePosition.

On Tuesday, Kelly stated that TruePosition failed to provide direct evidence that its technology was excluded, but submitted sufficient indirect evidence. He said that after reading the TruePosition complaint, and then contacting the whole and the environment, he believes that the TruePosition accusation is credible.

TruePosition spokesman Kathy Egan said: "Ericsson is already in the process of evaluating the judge's point of view, and we will not make further statements at this time."

Roger Brooks, a Qualcomm lawyer, said: "It is a pity that we will be subject to scrutiny, but we want to prove that there is no collusion, and we have not committed any acts alleged by the other party."

Charlie Guyer, a spokesman for Alcatel-Lucent, said that in accordance with company regulations, it is not possible to comment on any matter that has not yet been decided.

A spokesperson for TruePosition has not yet responded to media inquiries.

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