CE Series High Voltage MOSFETs: Designed for Consumer Electronics and Lighting

Abstract: The Infineon CE series CoolMOS is a high-voltage power MOSFET from Infineon for consumer electronics and lighting products. The MOSFETs are based on Infineon's super-junction technology platform and offer excellent performance; the series is cost-optimized and has an excellent price/performance ratio to ensure that it is extremely competitive in the extremely sensitive market for products such as consumer and lighting. This article demonstrates the superior performance of this series of products through the application examples of CE series MOSFETs on chargers and LED bulbs.


The advancement of modern technology has led to the emergence of consumer electronic products. Smartphones, tablets, e-readers, LCD/LED TVs, notebook computers and other products have become popular. Wearable devices, Internet of Things, smart homes and other new products, new interconnection concept Ascendant. At the same time, advances in power and power electronics and semiconductor technology have led to the emergence of new lighting products - LED lamps. LED lamps have high efficiency, energy saving, high light conversion efficiency, long life, environmental protection, rich colors, etc., so they have gradually replaced traditional light sources such as tungsten lamps and fluorescent lamps. Correspondingly, relevant international organizations and associations are paying more and more attention to the power conversion efficiency, EMI and other characteristics of these electronic products, and the relevant standards are becoming more and more strict, which raises higher requirements for related designers. How to design such a power conversion device to ensure that the performance meets the requirements while the price is low is the designer's biggest challenge.

Infineon Product Solutions

Infineon Technologies, Inc. (hereafter referred to as Infineon), as the world's leading integrated semiconductor and power electronics solutions company, has recognized the above technology trends and challenges to designers. Since 2011, CE series CoolMOS (registered trademark of Infineon High Voltage MOSFET) and ICL8001/02G, ICB2FL01/02/03G, BCR, ILD series LED light control ICs and lighting ICs have been launched for such applications. As the core power control switch, CE series CoolMOS has quickly gained industry recognition for its excellent performance and excellent price/performance ratio. At the same time, through the perfect combination of CE series CoolMOS and control IC, Infineon's comprehensive solution is also widely used in the industry.

Figure 1 shows an overview of the CE series of CoolMOS products. The withstand voltage ranges from 500V, 600V, 650V and 800V. It is one of the widest voltage ranges in the Infineon CoolMOS series. DC on-resistance ranges from 0.19 ohms to 3 ohms to meet different power levels and application scenarios. CE series CoolMOS suitable applications include adapters/chargers, computer and server power supplies, TV power supplies, LED light drives and other consumer electronics and lighting products, and its applicable power conversion topology is extremely high, including hard switching flyback, Resonant flyback, PFC circuit, dual-switch forward and LLC soft-switching topologies, which give power converter designers great convenience: different circuit solutions can be selected according to design requirements, while power switches only need to be limited to one Kind.

CE Series CoolMOS Overview

Figure 1 Overview of CE Series CoolMOS

The CE series CoolMOS is based on the Infineon superjuncTIon technology platform, and most of the power MOSFET technology currently used in consumer electronics and lighting products is standard MOSFET technology. Super-junction technology has significant advantages over several key parameters compared to standard MOSFET technology.

1. RDS(on) (drain-source on-resistance) is lower and conduction loss is lower. Figure 2 shows the drain-source on-resistance and chip area product (RDS(on)&TImes;A) of conventional standard MOS and CoolMOS under different drain-source withstand voltage levels (equivalent to drain-source on-resistance at the same chip area) In contrast, the “silicon limit” curve using conventional techniques is also given. It can be seen from the figure that the drain-source on-resistance of the MOS using the traditional standard process increases rapidly with the increase of the withstand voltage, and cannot be smaller than the theoretical "silicon limit", while the CoolMOS product using the super junction technology not only leads to the source conduction. The resistance and chip area are much lower than the traditional standard MOS and "silicon limit", and basically do not rise with the rise of the withstand voltage level, so the CoolMOS on-chip resistance is smaller under the same chip area, and the same DC on-resistance chip The area is smaller, that is, the cost is lower.

2. The parasitic capacitance (Ciss, Crss, Coss) is lower, the switching characteristics are better, and the loss is lower. Figure 3 shows the comparison of the parasitic capacitance of a standard MOSFET close to the drain-source on-resistance of the CE series CoolMOS (IPS65R1K5CE). The solid line in the figure is the CE series CoolMOS, and the dotted line is the standard MOSFET. From the figure, the CE series CoolMOS is known. The three parasitic capacitances Ciss (equivalent input capacitance), Crss (equivalent transfer capacitance / Miller capacitance) and Coss (equivalent output capacitance) are smaller than the capacitance of the corresponding standard MOSFET. The reason why the CE series CoolMOS has lower parasitic capacitance is also due to the use of super junction technology. As can be seen from FIG. 2, in the case where the drain-source on-resistance is close, the chip size of the MOSFET using the super junction technology is smaller, and the corresponding parasitic capacitance is also smaller. Smaller Ciss and Coss ensure lower drive losses and switching losses; smaller Crss result in smaller MOSFET gate oscillations, higher reliability, and better EMI characteristics.

3. The gate charge is smaller, the drive loss is lower, and the switching speed is faster. Figure 4 is a comparison of the gate charge of the CE series CoolMOS and the standard MOSFET with the change of the on-resistance of the drain source. It can be seen from the figure that the gate charge of the CE series CoolMOS under different drain-source on-resistance is lower than the gate charge of the standard MOSFET. The average is about 40% lower. The smaller gate charge means less drive loss at the same drive voltage and frequency; the MOSFET's switching speed is faster at the same drive current; this ensures that the CE series CoolMOS has lower losses and higher efficiency.

4. The output capacitor stores less energy and lower losses. Figure 5 shows the comparison between the CE series CoolMOS (IPS65R1K5CE) and the standard MOSFET output capacitor storage energy Eoss. It can be seen from the figure that in the case of high drain-source voltage (>120V) (for high-voltage MOSFETs, the drain-source voltage will not be lower than 120V, otherwise there is no point in selecting a high-voltage MOSFET) CE series CoolMOS output capacitors store energy below standard MOSFET. Since the energy stored in the output capacitor is lost to the MOSFET in the form of heat after the MOSFET is turned on, the lower the energy stored in the output capacitor, the lower the loss of the MOSFET and the higher the efficiency.

Comparison of RDS(on) and chip area product under different withstand voltage

Figure 2 RDS (on) and chip area product comparison under different withstand voltage

Parasitic capacitance comparison

Figure 3 Parasitic capacitance comparison

Typical gate charge comparison

Figure 4 Typical gate charge comparison

Output capacitor storage energy comparison

Figure 5 output capacitor storage energy comparison

From the comparison of the above parameters, we can see that CE series CoolMOS has obvious advantages in terms of efficiency and reliability compared with standard MOSFET. Next, we will verify the superior performance of the CE series CoolMOS through application examples on the charger and LED driver.


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