How to leave the interface in the living room home theater?

How to Wire the Home Theater Decoration (must see before the decoration)

[Home Theater Network] Recently I talked about the decoration problems of many living room theaters. So many friends came to ask how to wire the living room theater? Well, I will say that this article combined with another article: "How to decorate the home theater Wiring (must see the picture before decoration), there will be no problem to stump you.

The wiring of the living room theater is actually very simple, as long as you understand which sockets are available. Let's take a look at the video wall (the picture is bad, don't spray, you will see it).

How to leave the interface in the living room home theater?

Below the TV wall is a traditional power outlet. The number of sockets is personal. My suggestion is to install two or three power outlets. Perhaps you will say that there are more electrical appliances connected here, and two or three are definitely not enough. Yes, it is not enough. My suggestion is to use the power strip to plug in all the electrical equipment, and the power strip is not cheap, choose a big brand, lightning-proof power strip. Next to the power socket is the HDMI cable pre-embedded from the projector installation, and then the two surround speaker cables pre-embedded from both sides of the sofa wall. These two panels can be perforated in the middle with blank panels. The HDMI cable should be reserved with 1m of redundancy for easy connection to the amplifier, and the two surround speaker cables also need to reserve 1m of redundancy. There should also be a power outlet on the TV wall. Because most people are not sure if their screen power cable is on the left or right side of the decoration, it is more suitable to stay in the middle. It should be remembered that this curtain power socket is best installed on the ceiling in the curtain slot, so that it will not affect the decoration style.

Let's take a look at the situation on the sofa wall. This is very simple.

How to leave the interface in the living room home theater?

The first is that the two sides of the sofa wall are surrounded by speaker cable panels, the same applies to the blank panel. Here, it is better to have more redundancy around the speaker cable. Personally, it is recommended to be around 1m to 1.5m. Then on the sofa wall, you need two sockets, one is a blank socket for the HDMI cable that is embedded from the TV wall, and the other is a power socket for connecting the projector. It is more appropriate to have an HDMI cable that is about 50cm redundant. Home Theater Network WeChat: cnhifi.

After reading these two pictures, you should understand which lines need to be buried in the living room theater. The first is the HDMI cable, which is used for video transmission of the projector. The approximate algorithm of length is: living room width + sofa wall height (generally 3 meters) + redundant length at both ends + regular redundancy. Calculated in a living room with a maximum family width of 4 meters, roughly 4+3+1+0.5=8.5 meters. This is, it is certainly enough to buy a 10 meter HDMI cable. Some students with sufficient budget can pre-bury 2 HDMI cables to prevent HDMI cable damage.

Followed by the surround speaker cable, there are two need to be laid out, the length is roughly equivalent to the HDMI cable.

Ok, this time the answer ends here. If you still don't understand it, you can add WeChat directly to communicate with us.

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