Talking about the Innovation of DC Dual Center Coaxial Technology

The birth of the CMS series - a revolution in ceiling speakers

As early as the 1990s, Tianlang applied the recording-grade DC dual-center coaxial driver to the ceiling Speaker, and the CMS series ceiling speaker was born. At that time, the sound quality of the ceiling speaker was generally relatively low, and the CMS series brought A quality revolution in the commercial audio market. The CMS series of ceiling speakers deliver a constant, natural, high quality audio. For more than two decades, the performance and application success of the CMS series has made it a leader in ceiling speakers.

Unlike a conventional drive unit, a DC dual-center coaxial drive effectively combines two drive units into one. The tweeter is located behind the woofer so that it is physically on the same axis. This system spreads the sound energy from the same point through the center of the bass cone to form a true point source. The dual-center coaxial driver delivers a spherical wavefront with uniform sound scattering on both the vertical and horizontal planes, providing excellent off-axis performance and a very wide listening range.

In the application of CMS series, DC technology has been updated three times so far. The first update is a small-scale adjustment, and the third update has undergone an innovation from the fundamental design, which has brought about significant performance improvement. A new CMS3.0 series ceiling speaker was born.

Second generation technical analysis

Innovation of the third generation technology

We can learn more about DC technology through simple graphic comparisons:

The new OmnimagnetTM design (pictured right) shares a magnet at low and high frequencies, bringing the high-frequency diaphragm and throat closer to the speaker opening position compared to the previous generation design, which significantly shortens the propagation path, which is in the traditional dual-magnetic design mode. Unable to complete (left) for better time alignment and consistency. The shortening of the propagation path allows the wavefront to propagate at a faster rate, meeting the need for improved directivity. Improved calibration and consistency of acoustic centers for low frequency and high frequency combinations, reduced waveguide depth, improved low frequency performance, better headroom and higher crossover points.

Torus Ogive WaveguideTM is based on an innovative patent (to be determined) design principle, "Torus" refers to a ring-shaped diaphragm (red part in the picture)

“Ogive” refers to the phase plug in the waveguide device in the figure, and the mathematically accurately calculated rocket cone shape (red part in the figure)

The shallower waveguide, the more intense the reflection, the wavefront spreads quickly to the speaker opening position.

In this way, compared to the previous generation of DC technology, the third-generation DC technology has better control of high-frequency directivity, which can bring more outstanding broadband coverage angle, better center-axis and off-axis performance; calibration and closer to the acoustic center. Improved phase consistency for clearer and more accurate sound reproduction. The performance of the low frequency driver is improved, resulting in a flatter response. We can clearly understand the performance improvement brought by technological innovation through the performance of two generations of technology on the same size unit.

Example: Off-axis response of 8-inch DC coaxial speakers

Example: Frequency response of individual low frequency unit and high frequency unit after frequency divider of 8-inch DC coaxial speaker

Example: Impulse response of individual low frequency units and high frequency units of an 8-inch DC coaxial speaker

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