Professor of Hong Kong develops LED template projection LED and helmet to change the "back eye"

Scientists look to the future and bring about the technological advancement of mankind. LED technology is the achievement of Liu Jimei, a professor at the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering at HKUST. In recent years, she has successfully developed a LED template projection that can play a monochrome "micro movie" on a small area of ​​10mm * 15mm. This technology can be sized and used according to needs, and is expected to be used in the development of smart glasses, automotive front glass displays and other products.

The template size is only 15mm broadcast "HD"

LEDs are semiconductor electronic components that can be made into different light-emitting products with high brightness and power saving advantages. As the development of LED technology becomes more mature, its development potential is getting bigger and bigger. Liu Jimei, who has been engaged in LED research for many years, successfully controlled the size of LED templates and LED light-emitting display technology, and was able to display movies on a single LED template with an area of ​​less than 10mm*15mm, with a resolution of up to 1700PPI.

Today's electronic products are changing with each passing day. In the past, the display screens mainly used liquid crystal display (LCD) technology. However, the projection used to use large mercury lamps for backlighting is not only expensive, but also consumes more than 1000 hours of power consumption. However, the LED itself can be “made.” "Light source, no extra heat can greatly reduce power consumption, life can be up to tens of thousands of hours, energy saving effect is significantly improved. However, technology can only do three kinds of monochrome projections of red, blue and green. Liu Jimei revealed that color projection is one of the research directions of her students.

"Do not wear a helmet after loading the mirror"

Liu Jimei said that the display technology can be arbitrarily regulated in size and has a wide range of applications. Different products can be made according to the needs of enterprises and the market. For example, smart glasses such as "Google Glass" can be displayed on the glasses and then connected. Camcorder. You seem to have one more eye behind, wearing a helmet without a mirror, and for example, it can be installed in the car's front glass to display information such as speed and map.

Another "smart three-in-one traffic light" is a viable product. She said: "I look at the traffic lights and think about why I need 3 lights? Can the three color wheels be opened?" or "a light circle." Project different colors. In addition to color, you can also project words. Red is equal to Stop (stop), color blind people can also see. Use a single block of LED, plus a magnifying glass to do it."

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