Is video game a new outlet for blowing pigs?

Video games become a gathering place

I am not a game player. I used to run online games in my early days. I was responsible for negotiating server racks with operators around the world. The revenue we received was divided into 8:2 or 7:3 by telecom operators. In the offline channel, the channel fee is about 20%. IP is bought in Korea. In addition to the pre-existing buyout costs, Korean game developers can also take away 10% of game revenue.

This industrial chain is similar to the film industry: the film production company is responsible for filming, the film distribution company is responsible for delivering the film to the various movie theaters, the movie theater to the received film for the audience to see and charge, the cinema can be assigned to the box office 50%, propaganda and distribution companies get 10-20%, the rest is the movie company's income.

I don't play games. I listened to friends around us talking about CS, Warcraft, DOTA, listening to the clouds, except for the single-game delta that I played earlier, the Thunder fighter recently trained for my son, and forged a few hundred dollars. The drill is very simple, the class reunion, the children of classmates are playing mobile games, our children will also play, otherwise there is no common language, this game is still based on the social network relations, the son is not willing to fall after, had to suffer He took this generational training, and the practice of deputy training came from China.

After the online game, it is a page tour. In the past two years, due to the popularity of smart large-screen mobile phones, mobile games have been revived. Why is it because the mobile game is not a new thing? The earliest Nokia mobile phones were greedy snakes. SP era. There are also buddies who have compiled SMS interactive games, but simple smartphone touch screen games such as birdies, fruit cuts, and zombies have quickly triggered cell phone games again. Its fiery level is evident from the GMGC and GMIC that ended last month.

Originally, the International Television Federation focused on the big screen, not focusing on mobile phones. It was a market that was killed in the purple sea. However, the popularity of mobile games has also spread to television sets. Various types of boxes, sticks, and smart TVs have also become games. The new landing point, the Union also set up a video game club, to help the game CP landing terminals, operators and channels.

Isn't the TV game a fresh outlet for blowing pigs? It's not yet clear, but at least the focus is on the huge amount of traffic that is being carried out by Internet video and requires a cash-out outlet, in addition to mobile 3/4G mobile broadband. Over 500 million households and 200 million households have fixed fixed-line broadband. Based on 200 million households, IPTV has grown to 36 million, OTT boxes have shipped 30 million, and more than 40 million smart TVs can be connected. Taiwan, the cable television network after the transformation of the two-way coverage of billions of households, the actual terminal has 37 million, this big cake looks very attractive, is not it? Hehe!

TV game industry chain

Different from online games and mobile games, e-tourism has entered a new industrial chain structure. Since a company may have multiple roles, here we only analyze the upstream and downstream cooperation of the industry chain on the role itself. The so-called industrial chain is a game-to-user process.

CP, a game developer, is like a TV station or a movie production company. It wants to purchase IP, or plan it by itself. It has a group of artists, programmers, and engineers who have turned ideas and stories into playable games. However, the development of the game is complete. The first step of the Long March is to go online, operate, and promote. If you want to go online, you have to rely on business. Business is the abbreviation for the business manager. A few days ago, a post about CP business was widely spread. There are good people who can be Baidu. For a moment, to expose the age, we previously called this BD

Distribution is the game on the line in all channels, different channels like different supermarkets, want more users to buy, you have to spread in more supermarkets, a CP business can find supermarkets across the country do Obviously not, she can only find distribution. Distribution is like a wholesaler. Each has its own channel within its area or area. In the middle of the night, it is called new business to come to a hotel to talk about cooperation.

Channels, also known as stores, or markets, are horizontal and vertical distributions that cover the entire collection of video game players. Just like movie theaters distributed across the country, a long time ago, video game dragon fighter planes are on the line, bringing together 45 channels. There are three major operators' application markets, nine box manufacturers' own program stores, seven TV manufacturers' own program stores, and 26 third-party application markets. Of course, there are other large and small platforms, the total number should have hundreds of

Fees, similar to banks, to help users recharge or buy items, there are Alipay, WeChat payment, mobile phone generation fees, there are operators bundled with broadband billing, there are bundled cable TV charges, there is a text message received, there is scan code collection, there is a phone Receive, on a word: close income!

TV game delivery

Well, the role of the industrial chain is over, how do you give it up? No, how do you distribute the benefits? The general fee collection takes away 30%, the channel accounts for 40%, and the remaining 30% is issued by the CP and the distribution according to 3: 7 points, CP only get about 10%, of course, there are now some cloud game service providers, the implementation of the cable bundled fees, so that there is a missing link in the industry, CP can get about 30%. In fact, this is also dark enough, because in the cable TV pay channel business, operators only take away 50%, 10% is the central integrated platform, that is, distribution, CP that paid channel operators can get 40%

The emphasis is still on channels. The channels are composed of the licensees’ application market, the three major operators’ application market, the box’s own program store, the TV’s own program store and the third-party application market, which means that each link has its own APPSTORE. The third-party application market itself is part of the content. Because it is independent, there is no license plate, operators and terminals can be attached, the competition is the most intense, but it is also the most likely to cover as much as possible, occupying a while before. The highest-rate sofa housekeeper, when releasing the new version, blocked some other markets and was met with a collective boycott of those markets, showing that the competition was fierce.

The license plate application market has only recently begun to exert force. The former licensees only sold or sold license plates, or integrated video content. The importance attached to the market was not enough. The CCTV, CCB, Kwong Broadcasting, Shanghai Radio and Television Station, Zhejiang TV Station, Guangdong Radio and Television Station and Hunan In broadcasting companies or authorized operating companies, there are not many companies that can fully develop and operate their own application markets. The Guangdong side is a more active initiative. It also established the TEA Alliance, a well-selected game CP that can be invested by TEA Industrial Funds. , Responsible for distribution and channel docking, to the game CP a rapid development of the green channel, is currently engaged in Internet video game group games, feel that their games are good, can be in the bag, but also users only use the license terminal.

Telecom operators, Unicom games, mobile games, and games (imimb games) are also latecomers. With the scale of broadband users, it is possible to implement broadband bundled billing, which is more convenient for gamers. Paid, the disadvantage is that you can only cover their own users, you are not his broadband users can not use it.

The box comes with the program store and the TV comes with the program store is made by the manufacturers themselves, such as millet and Hisense, the advantage is that the brand product coverage, the disadvantage is only covering his own brand, other brands can not cover.

As a CP, you must rely on yourself or the distribution. The above four types of channels must all work together to make it possible for as many users as possible to download and use their own games, earn income, and see the hardships of business work.

The game developed by CP is also divided into several categories. For operators, the operators generally do cloud game platform, platform network plus terminal, bundle payment, basically based on chess and casual games; there are also boxes for terminal companies. Constrained by the cost and price issues, the general box motherboard and memory will not be too high, mainly for the light game, control is also a problem, the remote control is indefinite, but also to adapt the handle; need performance and good experience, it is necessary Other hosts, such as XBOX and PS, also have small onions in the country, but the price, type and lock area are also bottlenecks.

The bottleneck in the development of video games

The development of video games seems to be in the ascendant. In fact, there are some bottlenecks. Unlike the convenience payment of mobile phones, if the television itself fails to pay bundles, the willingness to pay will decrease by 50% for each additional payment step, although some payment service providers offer some solutions. It is still the easiest way for operators to bundle broadband, and it depends on how operators settle their bills.

The second problem is manipulation, which is human-computer interaction. The mobile phone uses a touch screen. The TV is often adapted to a remote control. The popularity of the handle requires a process. Different types of game control specifications also need to be unified, such as key values ​​and instructions. Recently, the application market of the three major operators has jointly proposed a standard that can be accepted by the industry and still needs time inspection.

The third bottleneck is the type, what kind of game is suitable for playing on the TV, the online game is playing on your own computer, the mobile game is played out anytime, anywhere, and the electronic game needs to have a relatively independent and undisturbed. The environment can only be played for a large period of time. Unless you have your own independent room and independent television, your parents, spouse, and children will interfere with playing games, and the contents of the game cannot be pornographic or have Violence, no blood, no loud noise. . . No, what else do you play?!

The future of video games is about games, attributives, and the emphasis is on television. There are too many things on TV. You can watch live broadcasts and you can order on-demand movies. The so-called video games are just an interactive entertainment with televisions. There are no good shows. When you can watch, playing video games is also a way to send out your leisure time. It is one, not all. More is watching TV while playing mobile games or Weibo WeChat.

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