Cree's new XLamp MHD series achieves COB performance in surface-mount LEDs

Providing a lower system cost than medium power LEDs in a more efficient manner January 23, 2015, Shanghai, China - Cres (Nasdaq: CREE) announces the introduction of high-power XLamp ® MHD-E LED devices and XLamp ® MHD The -G LED device, based on the success of the groundbreaking XLamp ® MH family of LED devices, combines the high lumen density/high reliability of ceramic-based COB LEDs with the design/manufacturing advantages of surface mount structures. By using the elements of the Cree SC5 technology platform, ceramic-based XLamp? MHD LED devices can simplify development, increase design flexibility, and increase manufacturing efficiency over medium-power LED devices. The MH Series delivers industry-leading performance while delivering new designs and significantly reducing system cost.

Baly Luo, general manager of Aeon Lighting Technolog, said: "The high lumen output and high reliability of Cree's new MHD-G LED devices help us develop new downlights and have advantages over other downlights on the market. ALT compact The 4-inch downlight enables more than 1,800 lm of light output at 3,000 K color temperature with the Cree MHD-G LED device. Other downlights only provide 800 - 1,000 lm light output."

Cree XLamp ® MH LED devices are available in 7 mm x 7 mm packages and are powered by Cree's industry-leading EasyWhite ® technology, which delivers smaller board sizes and tighter than mid-power LED devices. The beam angle, and closer to the traditional shape. The XLamp ® MHD-E LED device achieves over 1,800 lm of light output at 14 W power. The XLamp ® MHD-G LED device achieves over 2,500 lm of light output at 19 W power. XLamp ® MHD-E LED devices and XLamp ® MHD-G LED devices are ideal for semi-directional, high lumen applications such as downlights, high ceiling lights, and outdoor area lighting.

Paul Thieken, Global Marketing Director of Cree LED Devices, said: “At Cree, we are constantly introducing innovative products to help our lighting customers gain a better position in the market competition. With XLamp ® MHD LED devices, we prefer the surface. Mounting technology lighting customers offer COB performance. It is easier to achieve lower system cost for lighting customers than homogenized medium power LED devices."

Cree XLamp ® MHD-E LED devices and XLamp ® MHD-G LED devices offer high color rendering index, color temperature 2,700 K - 6,500 K, and a variety of voltage options. Sample applications are now available and can be mass produced according to standard delivery times. For more information, please visit

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