Chengdu: The lighting market is bleak and the business is welcoming

[Source: LED Engineering magazine's "LED lighting channel" 2013 the third period (total of 39) reporter / He Xingling]

Business is indifferent

When the reporter visited the brilliant lighting city, the most heard were some negative opinions such as “light business, bad market, no buyer”. The reluctant lighting dealer told the reporter with great humor: "Where is there any point of the season, it is so mixed every day."

According to the reporter's visit summary, the overall market of the lighting market is mainly deserted for the following reasons:

First, the prices of raw materials for lamps continue to rise, and the lamps and lanterns are also rising. These costs are transferred to consumers. Nowadays, the people’s consumption concept is becoming more rational, leading to a decline in dealer profits. Second, there are too many lamps and lanterns in Chengdu. Intense, price wars have caused many lamps and lanterns market to be frustrated; third, although there are many lamps and lanterns in Chengdu, but there is a lack of local influential brands, dealers are almost always imported from outside, and there are several or even dozens of hands. Brand, this chaotic business model will definitely affect the long-term development of dealers.

Is the business going to improve after the road repair?

Last year, large-scale traffic renovation in Chengdu caused a number of lighting cities to fall into a sales dilemma. By March of this year, many traffic reforms in Chengdu were about to be completed. Does this mean that the lighting city business is starting to improve? The reporter visited the local major lighting market with questions.

After the renovation of the Fuhe Lighting Market next to the North Second Ring Road in Chengdu, the bridge at the gate of the market has been basically completed and will be open to traffic in June. Mr. Zhao, the owner of Otlan Lighting, told the reporter that the road closure of the Second Ring Road last year had a great impact on the business of Fuhe Lighting City. Originally, the lighting city with convenient transportation, during the road renovation, the big cars all detoured, the car is also difficult to pass, and the monthly sales of lamps are lower than before. But I believe that after the opening of the Second Ring Road in June, the business will improve.

Not only Fuhe Lighting City, Dongheng International Lighting City and Brilliant Lighting City, located in the eastern section of the First Ring Road, are also affected by traffic. During the second ring renovation period, the roads are closed, and it is very difficult to pull the building materials into a ring. However, Metro Line 2 passes through these two lighting cities and has a large passenger flow, so the impact on the business during the road closure is relatively small.

According to the Chengdu Traffic Management Bureau, the west line of Metro Line 2 will be opened in June this year, which will bring greater traffic to Brilliant and Dongheng International, which is obviously good news for the two lighting cities.

"National Five" has a positive impact

After the introduction of the "National Five Articles", there were two phenomena: First, everyone rushed to transfer the "Second-hand housing transactions in accordance with the 20% increase in the value-added tax" policy; there are some people robbing new houses, the reason is in case The restrictions on purchases in the new policy will increase, and buying a house may be more troublesome.

The reporter went to the real estate in the west of the third ring of Chengdu, China Railway, Tamiya, real estate consultant Mr. Gao told reporters that the average price of houses opened before the year was around 6,500, and has now risen to 7900. It can be seen that housing prices are rising and there are more people buying houses. Will this cause the building materials market to heat up?

Mr. Li, the agent of Changyi Lighting City Changfang Lighting, told reporters that fluctuations in house prices will of course affect the consumption of the building materials market. Many people buy a house and even if they don't live, they will be renovated to rent out, so the rising temperature of the real estate market can be an opportunity for the lighting market.

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