Inspur Huaguang provincial semiconductor luminescent materials and device engineering laboratory passed the acceptance

On March 22, the Weifang Development and Reform Commission hosted the completion meeting of the “Shandong Province Semiconductor Luminescent Materials and Devices Engineering Laboratory” project undertaken by Shandong Inspur Huaguang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. at Inspur Huaguang Weifang Co., Ltd.

The meeting hired domestic famous experts such as Jinan Engineering Consulting Institute and Weifang College as experts in the acceptance committee. Relevant leaders of the Weifang Development and Reform Commission attended the meeting. Zheng Tiemin, General Manager of Inspur Huaguang, Wang Chengxin, Deputy General Manager, and Zhang Chengshan, Assistant General Manager attended the meeting.

The acceptance meeting experts listened carefully to the project completion acceptance report made by General Manager Zheng Tiemin, reviewed the acceptance materials and reviewed the project construction site. After questioning and discussion, the experts of the acceptance committee believed that Inspur Huaguang completed the construction task, reached the expected goal, and agreed to pass the acceptance.

The laboratory has focused on semiconductor light-emitting diode (LED) epitaxial material growth, chip fabrication technology and other research, and has achieved fruitful scientific research results. Among them, the SiC substrate-based power type LED chip is packaged into a white light device with a luminous efficiency of 110 lm/W; the blue LED chip (1023 series) is packaged into a white light device, and the test light efficiency of the national semiconductor device supervision and testing center reaches 140 lm/W or more; Power red LED chip (4040 series), tested by the China Optical Association Photoelectric Device Branch LED testing center radiation power of more than 100mW.

During the construction of the laboratory, the company has undertaken 2 national-level projects, 3 provincial-level projects, 37 national patents, 8 academic papers, and 2 provincial-level scientific and technological achievements. The technology has reached the international advanced level. Among them, the achievement of "super high brightness LED preparation technology based on substrate changing technology" won the third prize of Shandong Science and Technology Progress Award. Completed more than 20 new product development and transformation of results, the project results products are widely used in outdoor display, lighting, LCD backlights, signal lights, indoor and outdoor lighting, and other areas, the cumulative sales income of more than 420 million yuan.

Shandong Semiconductor Light-emitting Materials and Devices Engineering Laboratory, which was built by Inspur Huaguang, successfully passed the acceptance test, marking the further improvement of the company's R&D and innovation capabilities. It has built a domestic first-class LED epitaxial material and chip development test line for semiconductor lighting, which will drive Shandong Province. The rapid development of the semiconductor lighting industry.

(This article is submitted by Inspur Huaguang)

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