Cree launches home LED lighting for less than $14

Although LED lights have more than 80% power saving and 10 years of service life compared with traditional light bulbs, LED bulbs have not yet successfully entered the home lighting market due to excessive prices. According to the survey, the price of replacing 60W LED bulbs is between 14.97 and 47.97 dollars, while the average incandescent bulbs are only 0.40 dollars.

In response to this situation, CREE, the US LED lighting manufacturer, decided to change its policy to launch new LED bulbs for the general mass market. It is expected that consumers will be willing to bring their influence into the office lighting field after using LED lights at home. Cree's new replacement 40W and 60W LED lamps are priced below $14.

Philips has introduced a replacement 60W LED bulb in recent weeks, priced at $ 14.97, and is expected to launch LED lights at less than $ 10 at the end of the year.

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